Bhutanese Textile: Living Art of Bhutan

The art of weaving is an integral part of Bhutanese society. Today, many Bhutanese homes are equipped with a loom for weaving. Since time immemorial, Bhutanese women have adopted weaving as a means of eking out a living. Young girls begin learning the art of weaving from their mothers at an early age and attain proficiency before they reach the age of twenty.

There are deep cultural and religious values associated with weaving in Bhutan. During the festivals and religious ceremonies, people adorn themselves in outfits woven locally by Bhutanese weavers. Bhutanese textiles have received wide accolade and recognition for their unique quality across the world. To help you see and appreciate the beauty of Bhutanese textiles, Bhutan Journeys offers a unique tour centered exclusively on the intricacies of weaving in small villages and to the eastern regions of Lhuntsi and Trashigang where most silk intricate fabric are woven. In the course of your visit, you will have the opportunity to interact and meet various segments of people involved in weaving and eventually learn about this industry in Bhutan. In order to help you see the representation of the weaving art, Bhutan Journeys will take you to at least one festival where men and womenfolk attend in their best outfits with intricate Bhutanese patterns.

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