Spiritual “A spiritual quest and beyond”

Bhutan is perhaps the only country remaining as the last bastion of Mahayana Buddhism in the Himalayan region. Buddhism is not just a religion for the people of Bhutan but a philosophy practiced as a way of life. It creates an ambiance throughout the country, which can best be described as “open-heartedness and amicability. With the presence of numerous sacred sites where the founders and propagators of Buddhism have left their indelible imprints.

Under this spiritual tour we will provide you the ability to witness the role of religion in the everyday lives of Bhutanese. We will arrange audiences with monks to gain further insight into our spiritual pursuit and also focus on the art of meditation. We particular recommend a lecture at the main college of Buddhism in Thimphu and can arrange stays of various lengths in one of our many monasteries, eg Karchu Dratshang in Bumthang.

For detailed itinerary Contact us or email us at info@bhutanjourneys.com We can customize the tour to suit your interests.


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