This strenuous trek program is designed for the experienced trekkers, and is one of the most challenging and toughest treks of the Himalayas. It demands great physical fitness since the distance, altitude; remoteness and weather conditions make it even more difficult to take the journey. Starting from Punakha to Gasa and Laya to Lunana over Gangla Karchung La (La-pass), it takes 24 days or more of trekking.
This trek offers the breathtaking views of the Himalayas crossing the stunning high passes of varying altitudes. It provides an incredible view of the highest mountain “Gangkar Puensum” 7540m (24700ft) in Bhutan. Awe-inspiring views of Kang Bum 6520m (21400ft ), Teri Gang 7300m ( 23950 ft) and the rugged peak of Tsenda Kang can also be seen. If luck favors, you can see some of the endangered wild animals like the, Monal, Blue Sheep and you may even spot a snow leopard. Those totally in luck may even see the Yeti.!
The trek has been rated as the most strenuous trek in the Himalayas and is designed for the experienced trekkers.

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