Sacred Valley

The scared valley trek is a moderate trek of ten days that takes you through the magnificent Thangbi valley, following along the Chamkhar River. It takes you to the base camp of Gangkhar Puensum, which in the Bhutanese language means "the three mountain siblings". This is not only famous for being Bhutan’s highest mountain (and the highest unclimbed mountain in the world!) but is also considered to be the origin of Bhutan’s history and culture. According to Bhutanese history, the mountain is the source of three major Bhutanese rivers, the Kuru Chu, Chamkhar Chu, and the Mangde Chu. These rivers flow through the Lhuntse, Bumthang and Trongsa valleys respectively, and each area has a pivotal significance in Bhutanese history, religion and culture.

It has been said that when these three rivers made their first descent from the glacial lakes of Gangkhar Phensum, they proposed to have a race. While the other two rivers entered into the race the Chamkhar river showed indifference and asked the other two rivers to race ahead as she would follow them at her own leisurely pace. The folklore goes on to say that this is the reason why the Bumthang Valley is being blessed with a wide and calm expanse, while the Trongsa and Lhuntse Valleys are steep and narrow.

After two nights halt at Burmapa (Base Camp) we return to Tsampa Gompa and trek to Tholethang, Tolela pass, Labrang, Chochomey and end the trek at Menchungang below Dhur village. On reaching the road head, you will be taken by our vehicle to Jakar.

This is a unique trek offered to you by Bhutan Journeys. Very few trekkers are seen along this route. The trek has been rated as moderate with the gradual trail to Burmarpa (base camp) and the Thole pass is not steep to ascend. Average walking distance per day is 5-6 hours. This trek program can be timed during the festivals in Bumtahng valleys and also it can done following the same route to Toktozam, Jakar.


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