Bhutan Journeys was highly recommended by my daughter after she had a most wonderful holiday in Bhutan. Her stories of the country made my husband and I decide to make a trip to Bhutan as soon as we could. We managed to make up a group of 21 pax and had Sonam Chophyel work on a suitable itinerary for us. The majority of us in the group were above 60 years of age. Thus, Sonam had to make sure that he did not tire us out at the end of each day! And he did such a wonderful job that no one complained or fell sick.
We were introduced to almost every aspect of life in Bhutan, a truly beautiful nation of very happy people. Everywhere we went, the Bhutanese people made us feel at ease. They spoke good English and were most helpful. The Bhutanese food was delicious. The Chilli-Cheese dish is out-of-this-world. Although chilli is used in many of the dishes, it is not that spicy. However, there are the delicious non-spicy dishes as well.
Bhutan Journey’s guides are very knowledgeable and well-trained. Sonam was always ready to answer our questions on Bhutan and was most entertaining. The drivers drove safely and carefully to bring us to all the interesting places. Not once did we encounter any form of dangerous driving during our 7-day trip to Bhutan.
The hotels Sonam put us up at were clean and comfortable for all of us to have a very good night’s rest before the following day’s new adventures! For 5-star quality, the price would have been different.

Bhutan is one country which is still unspoiled despite having modern technology. Low-rise buildings are the norm in all the big towns. It is a place to go to for a really relaxed holiday overseas, and at the same time learn about the country’s culture and traditions. Bhutan Journeys can tailor your holiday according to your taste and needs. Our group travels all over the world, and Bhutan Journeys is one company that has really impressed us with its professionalism.
Thank you, Sonam and your wonderful team, for a most enjoyable and exhilarating time in Bhutan. We’ll be back to visit Eastern Bhutan when the airport there is ready.