I recently made my way back to Bhutan for the 3rd time, each time I have traveled with Sonam Chophyel of Bhutan Journeys. The first year he had dreams of starting his own business. Sonam displayed clear knowledge of Bhutan’s culture, history and natural environment, and skills at organizing hotels, meals and events. I was confident that his business would be a great success. Therefore the next time I visited, we planned our trip with the young Bhutan Journeys. I traveled with my mother and grandmother, her 3rd and last trip to her beloved Bhutan. Sonam’s generous nature and attention to detail assures a highly personalized trip for his guests. He was able to arrange a trek for my mother and I, such that my 88 year old grandmother was able to join us for tent camping on our last night out. Then he fulfilled her dream to visit Ogyen Chholing Museum high on the hill above Tang Valley (at that time not accessible by road) by providing special transportation, horse and tractor, for her to make the journey. Sonam further honored her last wishes to have some of her ashes left in Bhutan when he arranged this most recent trip, my 3rd. This time our group was 11 people, all of my family as well as a few friends. Sonam worked with us on many iterations of our itinerary, thoughtfully incorporating our many ideas, until we had a workable plan for our time period. He managed to include everything on our long wish list, plus so much more, making our experience rich and diverse. We requested to eat local and shop at local markets. We regularly stopped at food stands along the road, where we were able to purchase fruits and snacks for the bus ride, and the guides purchased seasonal produce, wild asparagus and fiddle head ferns, that we later saw on our dinner table. Red rice was provided to the hotels for our meals, and ema datsi, the national dish of chili and cheese, was available to us most every lunch and dinner. I know Sonam worked long and hard to coordinate the requested school visit, but he made it happen and was greatly appreciated. My son is particularly interested in archer; Sonam arranged for an afternoon of archery games for us at the hotel. We were in Bhutan during a time when there wasn’t a tshechu, so Sonamhosted a surprise cultural event, just for our group, on our last night complete with hors d’oeuvres and sampling of traditional singing and dancing. Most special of all, Sonam was aware of my grandmother’s wish to have some of her ashes spread in Bhutan. He remembered her specific request of Membartsho, Burning Lake, and also recommended the most incredible spot at Taktshang, Tiger’s Nest, to lay her ashes. Both experiences were beyond my wildest dreams for her and displayed a genuine respect for her. In general, traveling with Bhutan Journeys you can expect the best rooms available (all had incredible views), satisfying meals of the interesting and local cuisine, commitment to a personalized experience, thoughtful conversation and much laughter. Needless to say, when I return again, it will be with Bhutan Journeys. I highly recommend both the place and the company.