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Bhutan – the Land of the Thunder Dragon, warmly welcomes you to share in our cultural splendor and geographical exquisiteness. Come, explore with us why Bhutan has often been referred to as ‘The Land of the Thunder Dragon’ and ‘The Kingdom in the Clouds.’

Historically, Bhutan was a tiny medieval country hemmed in by natural barriers in the north and the south, and politically sundered by a few regional factions. From this, she gradually rose to become a unified and peaceful Kingdom, under the blessed guidance of the Wangchuck dynasty. In 2008 Bhutan became the youngest democracy in the world when she started to democratically elect the government upon the Royal Command. Interestingly, Democracy in Bhutan was not demanded by the people; it was conferred on the people by His Majesty the King. Since the transition to a parliamentary democracy, relevant institutions have been set up and two national and two local government elections have taken place. The third Parliamentary Election will be held in 2018.

Through the trials and tribulations Bhutan faced, the rich heritage of culture and tradition served as the central pillar of her unity and strength, guided ever so by the visionary Monarchs from the Golden Throne. Bhutan is also the only nation which measures her development with the philosophy of Gross National Happiness (GNH). This yardstick is unique in its prioritization of happiness of the people over material development or Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

After Bhutan opened her doors to the world in the 1970s, she never ceased to fascinate and charm people into her folds from all over. Every year, thousands of tourists visit this Shangri-la. When they leave, they do so half-heartedly, but with memories aplenty and a yearning to return soon.

We at Bhutan Journeys offer a host of travel packages to make your stay here in Bhutan incredible. Guided by our mission ‘To Strive to Give the Best, we bring you an amazing adventure you have never experienced before. We are committed to providing our guests the most enchanting stay in Bhutan – you’d want to keep returning to visit Bhutan through Bhutan Journeys!