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Mr. Sonam Chophyel

Tour Leader

Sonam Chophyel

Mr. Chophyel is from Bumthang and a veteran in the Bhutanese tourism industry with an experience of more than 15 years. He is the founder of Bhutan Journeys – Your travel guide to Bhutan – and welcomes everyone to discover the real Bhutan. Mr. Chophyel has worked in various capacities in the field of tourism and traveled extensively throughout the country leading groups from all over the world. He aspires and assures to provide quality service and to showcase the best of cultural and natural aspects of Bhutan. His in-depth knowledge on Bhutan and his vast experiences in the field is well appreciated by his peers and clients.


Mr. Kencho Tenzin

Specialized Cultural and Trekking Guide

kencho tenzin

Mr. Tenzin started guiding in 2008. He cherishes meeting people from all over the world and is deeply passionate about his work. He is currently pursuing Japanese language course in Tokyo, Japan and is expected to join our team soon.


Mr. Gasey Lhendup

Specialized Cultural and Trekking Guide

Gasey Lhendup

Mr. Lhendup has worked with Aman Resort (International Luxury hotel) for 6 years in various capacities and has a rich experience in the tourism and hospitality industry. He leads the cultural and trekking teams at the Bhutan Journeys. Mr. Lhendup is highly regarded for rendering services of the highest standards to his clients.


Mr. Karma Dhendup

Specialized Cultural and Trekking Guide

Karma Dhendup

Mr. Dhendup started his guiding profession in 2006 and has worked with several travel companies amassing rich experiences in the tourism and hospitality industry. Mr. Dhendup leads the cultural and trekking teams of Bhutan Journeys throughout the country.


Mr. Bap Tashi

Specialized cultural and trekking guide

Bap Tashi

Mr. Tashi is one of the senior most guides in the Tourism Industry. Mr. Tashi has gathered so much experiences and skills from leading cultural, photography and trekking groups. He completed all the trekking routes in Bhutan. His big smile and laughter makes everyone to enjoy traveling together.


MR. Gembo Wangdi

Specialized cultural and trekking guide

Gembo Wangdi

Wangdue started guiding profession in 2009 and persuaded further training at Ugyen Wanchuk Institute for conversation and environment as a nature tour or trekking guide. He enjoys meeting people from all over the world and sharing his insights about his country.  He makes an effort to provide his assistance as per the specific interest of his travelers.


Ms. Phuntsho Wangmo

Finance Manager

Ms. Wangmo joined Bhutan Journeys in 2016 under the Finance department. She leads the financial operation within the company. She provides insightful information and expectation to senior management to aid in long and short-term decision making. She also provides support in the day to day operations of the company.


Dema Yangchen

Operations Manager

dema yangchen

Ms. Yangchen joined Bhutan Journeys in 2010 as an operation executive. She ensures that all the travel aspects go smoothly for our valued customers. She is responsible for nurturing our relationship with the hospitality and transport sectors.


Tshering Dorji A.K. Janiman

Specialized Trekking Chief

tshering dorji

A senior trekking member in the company, Mr. Dorji worked with the company ever since its inception. Also a chef certified by the Tourism Council of Bhutan, he has been associated with trekking in Bhutan since 1985 and walked through all the trekking routes in Bhutan. His passion for trekking and his expertise in culinary skills are an added advantage for the group that he leads.


Mr. Hark


He is our senior most chauffeurs in the company. His safe driving skills and smiles make everyone comfortable on the tour.



Silvia Vizzoni

Sales and Business Development

silivia vizzoni

Ms.Vizzoni is our UK – based travel associate. She got deeply enchanted by Bhutan after her visit in 2015 and has since been promoting Bhutan.

For all information on Bhutan Journeys and its tours please contact Ms. Vizzoni at:

Email: info@bigbluecollection.com

Phone: 0044 7506012835