Kuzuzangpo, and welcome to the official website of Bhutan Journeys!

The simple fact that you are reading through the lines of our web pages suggest that you are interested in this unique experience called Bhutan, which has today become every traveller’s dream destination. We do hope that you get useful information from our website, and we look forward to associate with you more closely hereafter.

The world’s youngest democracy, the last Mahayana Buddhist kingdom in the world and a place where progress is measured in terms of happiness, Bhutan indeed is a unique land. It has immense opportunities for you to experience, opportunities that money cannot really buy! Nestled in the great eastern Himalayas, Bhutan is also aptly called the “kingdom in the clouds”, a name that befits our location close to the heavens. The lush green valleys, towering snow-capped mountains, colourful festivals, awe-inspiring architecture, pristine environment, picturesque landscapes and friendly people make Bhutan so fondly loved by travelers, making them to come back, again and again.

For us at Bhutan Journeys, the best reward that we get for rendering our services is not money. It is the smiles and the sense of satisfaction that our guests bid us farewell with, and the reassurance that they will visit again. No matter how short your trip, we always strive to enable you to make the best of your stay here, and show Bhutan the way that nobody else does. That is why we call ourselves “your travel guide to Bhutan”. With a team of true professionals with years of experience and training, the opportunity to serve you in Bhutan will be yet another milestone in the life of Bhutan Journeys.

We extend to you our sincere greetings, and look forward to serving you in Bhutan!

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