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Discover Bhutan!

Treasure trove of culture and rich heritage

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Our cultural presentations are inherited, not adopted

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Experience, realize and appreciate the Bhutanese way

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Happiness is a journey, Experience yourself

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Experience the gift of wilderness
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Bear with our modesty and return
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Kuzu Zangpola and Welcome to Bhutan!

Bhutan, the land of Gross National Happiness, welcomes you into her embrace with a bounty of cultural diversity and geographic beauty. Bhutan has often been regarded as the real Shangri-La. Druk Yul, or The Land of the Thunder Dragon, has also gained popular momentum as “The Kingdom in the Clouds”. Others have likened Bhutan to “a land of mist and mysticism”. History has seen Bhutan develop from a land ruled over by different factions to a united country, nurtured and treasured by a tradition of hereditary monarchs, to becoming the world’s youngest democracy. Bhutan has come a long way; each and every step in her progress stands testimony to the rich cultural and traditional heritage that serves as the central pillar of the nation’s strength and unity. Bhutan is also the only nation in the world which measures its development and success based on a philosophy of Gross National Happiness, GNH.This unique philosophy, which in plain terms means ‘development with values’, prioritizes people’s happiness above material development which in today’s world is totally unprecedented. Bhutan opened her doors to the world in the 1970s and since then has never ceased to seduce and attract happy visitors from every region. Every year thousands of people come to Bhutan and immerse themselves in this enchanted land of wonder. Wanderlust travel magazine awarded Bhutan the ‘Top Country 2009’ Award and, in 2011, Bhutan was also awarded the title of ‘Most Refreshing Tour’ at the 25th International Travel Expo (ITE) in Hong kong. In 2012 Bhutan received a total of 105,402 visitors, keen to explore and enjoy new and undiscovered delights. In 2013 Bhutan was shortlisted as one of the three finalists for the World Travel and Tourism Council’s (WTTC) prestigious “Destination Stewardship Award.”  The New York Times lists Bhutan as one of the top 5 places to visit. These are just a few of the many awards and accolades that Bhutan has won, cementing its position as one of the world’s top travel destinations. Our mission is to bring you a wonderland and to enable you to lose yourself within its charming sights and scenes. We are here to lead and accompany you at every stage and that is why we call ourselves ‘Your Travel Guide to Bhutan’. We are a team of tourism professionals with years of training and experience and we look forward to providing you with your most memorable adventure yet.


The Bhutan Journeys Team        

Learn about Bhutan


Bhutan has been on my wish list for a long time.  After much research online, my friend and I booked the Masangang trek with Bhutan Journeys in October 2015.  The owner of the company, Mr. Sonam Chophyel, was very thorough with the travel arrangements and very responsive throughout the process.  He even went out of his way to retrieve my duffel bag which was lost on my original flight out of the United States.  Our guide, Tashi, made us feel at home from the start and his knowledge about Bhutan was impressive.  He did a wonderful job explaining the local culture and customs of each area we visited.

From meditating in the Tiger’s Nest Monastery to viewing the beauty of Punakha’s terrace farming to taking in the natural beauty of the National Park, this trip was one of my most memorable to date.  I want to personally thank Sonam for making the trip so rewarding and I would be more than happy to be a reference for Bhutan Journeys.

Tom Schlipmann
Tom Schlipmann Finance (Chicago) (Email: )

The logistics of the trip proved to have been very thoughtfully planned, and the sights were excellent.Our accommodations were also outstanding, so congratulations on that aspect.  We really enjoyed your selections of Bhutanese food for us, though I will not miss the hot green chilis(which I thankfully survived).

Jeff Gimpel
Jeff GimpelAttorney-at-Law (New York)

Bhutan is a very nice country completely different from all other country in the world. Beautiful mountains, plans and land but the first part is completely different from the second one.
The point that i was interested in is: SPIRITUALITY and in Bhutan is strong. I found magical atmosphere with people because all are always smiling baby, child, women, me, old people and atmosphere is magic, there is no fear, no tension in person that you meet all people are kind, with an high sense of dignity. is great this point! Because in Europe a lot of people have too much than Bhutan but are completely different.


Let us one more time express you our deep satisfaction regarding the organization of our tourist tour to Bhutan. Due to high qualification of your employees we have learnt many new information about your beautiful country and have got a good rest. Special thank for your unbelievable present, which occupied the honored place in our collection. Hope to see you again in Bhutan and will definitely recommend you and Bhutan journeys to others.

Our warmest regards,

Viatcheslav and Elena GAVRILOV
Viatcheslav and Elena GAVRILOVLawyer -Russia

Our party of six had the happiest of times with Bhutan Journeys.  Ten days of smiles and laughter for all of us.  Nothing was ever too much trouble.  Sonam as a guide was extremely informative but managed to convey the information with a great deal of humour and was endlessly patient at explaining the complexities of the culture.  The scenery was spectacular and all that we visited simply beautiful but my abiding memory will be of the welcome and the humour of the team.  Thank you Sonam.

Caroline SoutheskUnited Kingdom